Snoop Dogg’s company makes first investment in Europe in cannabis start-up

US rap artist Snoop Dogg is turning his attention to Europe’s booming cannabis industry.The artist, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, is the co-founder of Casa Verde, a vulture capital (VC) fund based in Los Angeles that focuses on the cannabis industry.Casa Verde announced on Tuesday it was investing $15 million (€13 million) into Portugal’s medical cannabis firm AceCann. It is the US company’s first investment in Europe.

A roundup of countries that permit recreational cannabis

Germany’s budding coalition is considering the legalization of cannabis. DW takes a look at a few countries that have already adopted a softer stance.

Marijuana may be an issue of easy agreement in the ongoing coalition talks between Germany’s leading parties. Despite numerous points of contention, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), neoliberal Free Democrats (FDP) and Greens can find themselves aligned when it comes to cannabis legalization.

Cannabis-based mouth spray to be trialled as treatment for brain tumours

A major UK trial will analyse the efficacy of an oral cannabis-based spray to treat the most aggressive form of brain tumours.In a phase II trial, researchers will assess whether adding Sativex, which contains the cannabinoids THC and CBD, to chemotherapy could improve the prognosis of those diagnosed with a recurrent glioblastoma, which currently has an average survival rate of less than ten months.

Italy will be first to light up Europe’s weed biz

MILAN, Sept 22 (Reuters Breakingviews) – Italy may soon jump on the weed bandwagon. A nationwide referendum to legalise cannabis will likely take place early next year. If Italian voters embrace dope, it will spark a domino effect across Europe. Backers of the pro-weed referendum have already gathered more than 500,000 signatures, the minimum required to hold a nationwide plebiscite. That paves the way for a decriminalisation vote, mirroring what happened in 18 U.S. states.

Amazon endorsed legal weed. Will it now fight to make it happen?

When it announced its support for lawmakers’ efforts to decriminalize weed last month, Amazon didn’t just become the biggest company in America to back marijuana legalization, it captivated the cannabis industry in the process.Now, as bills pushing legalization remain stuck in Congress, activists fighting for liberalized cannabis laws are hoping the e-commerce giant will take the next step and use its considerable D.C. muscle to help get them passed.

Mexican Senator Lays Out Next Steps For National Marijuana Legalization

A top Mexican senator says the stage is set for lawmakers to actually pass a marijuana legalization bill during the new session after multiple attempts in recent years fell short of getting over the finish line.It’s been about three years since the Mexican Supreme Court first declared that the country’s prohibition on the personal possession and cultivation of cannabis was unconstitutional. Lawmakers were then obligated to enact the policy change but were unable to reach a consensus on legislation to put in place regulations for a marijuana program by the last session’s end.

Clinical trial to test whether CBD can help with a good night’s sleep

Southern Cross University researchers have begun a clinical trial funded by Ecofibre to investigate the efficacy of the firm’s Ananda Hemp CBD extract in treating sleep disturbance with a view to registering it as an over-the-counter medicine.Led by clinical trials fellow Dr Janet Schloss and deputy director of research at the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine associate professor Romy Lauche, the trial will test the effects of Ananda Hemp on participants’ sleep patterns compared to a placebo.

Nevada first state to allow veterinary CBD treatment

Nevada veterinarians are the first in the nation to win permission to treat animals with cannabinoids, including CBD.A new law taking effect Oct. 1 clears vets to recommend and administer hemp and cannabidiol products below 0.3 pcs. THC without fear of sanction from the state licensing board, the American Veterinary Medical Association reported Thursday in its journal.CBD is commonly sold through veterinary channels in all states. But veterinarians could be sanctioned for administering it because the products haven’t been approved for animal use by the U.S.Food and Drug Administration.

10 Countries Where Weed Is Legal & You Can Freely Light Up A Joint

A certain proportion of marijuana is touted to have health benefits, but nevertheless, its sale and usage aren’t yet legal in most countries. In India too, the usage of cannabis or marijuana is prohibited, however, small proportions of it are permitted in the form of bhang in certain states, which are used to prepare thandais, lassis and sweets. A few states like Varanasi have approved the usage of weed. Having said that, did you know that there are certain countries where marijuana is actually legal? In these countries, one can light up a joint without any worries. Here is a list of 10 countries where the sale, usage and possession of cannabis might not be a crime…

Cannabis medication now available over-the-counter in Australia

Low-dose cannabidiol (CBD) as of today is approved for over-the-counter sale in pharmacies across Australia following a decision by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.Adults will no longer need a referral, special approval or prescription to purchase.CBD is a naturally occurring substance extracted from the marijuana plant, which unlike THC does not offer users a high.

British Baby First In The World To Be Prescribed Cannabis-Based Medicine

Baby Oscar Parodi was born with a condition called neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) which is caused by a lack of oxygen or blood flow from the placenta to the baby. HIE is one of the most serious birth complications affecting full-term infants, with few preventive treatments available. This condition causes babies to have seizures which can potentially lead to brain damage.

Green light for purchase and sale of CBD products in Slovakia

The Slovak parliament has finally approved removal of cannabidiol (CBD) from the list of narcotic and psychotropic substances with effect from 1 May 2021.This is great news for producers, distributors, exporters or importers of CBD-containing products from/to Slovakia particularly in the cosmetics industry.

Morocco gets legal cannabis sector

Morocco, long the world’s largest illicit producer of cannabis, is finally getting a legalized commercial cannabis industry, thanks to a law introduced by the otherwise conservative government. The new law is designed to daylight traditional small cannabis growers in the marginalized Rif Mountains.

CBD for cancer: Everything you need to know

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many compounds in the cannabis plant. It is gaining popularity because it seems to offer many benefits. While there is an ongoing debate, some people recommend using CBD in the treatment of cancer.Overall, it is too early to make any claims about CBD as a cancer treatment. While the initial results of small studies on cancer cells are promising, they are not conclusive.

South Africa crafts strategy for US$1.9B cannabis industry

South Africa’s government unveiled a master plan aimed at harnessing a 28-billion-rand (US$1.9 billion) cannabis industry that could potentially create as many of 25,000 jobs and help attract foreign investment.The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development led a two-year process to craft a national strategy for the industrialization and commercialization of the plant. The document incorporated lessons learned from major cannabis producers including the U.S., Canada, Mexico and China, it said.

WeGrower Alliance. Global trader in the cannabis industry

WeGrower Alliance is a global trader in the cannabis industry serving both the medical and consumer markets. Customized solutions for clients are the cornerstone of what sets WeGrower apart from competition operating on both American continents with the unstressing of its positions on the EU market. The Company is built to grow as one of the fast-growing players in the cannabis industry by combining the most strategic geographic footprint with one of the leading distribution platforms. All of the strategies are built with the goal of offering quality, affordable products to consumers.

Growth of the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry has grown dramatically in size since the national government legalization in many countries around the globe. Companies in the marijuana industry are involved in the cultivation, growth, and distribution of cannabis and related products for both recreational and medical use.Its effectiveness has already been proven as an analgesic and supportive component of therapy for oncology, AIDS/HIV, Crohn’s disease. Currently, the development of effective drugs based on CBD for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, diabetes, and epilepsy is underway.

How To Start A Successful Cannabis Business

For people who feel the passion to dive into the legal cannabis business, it is always easy to get frustrated by the overwhelming amount of information covering various directions of its use. What you do need to decide is what part of the marijuana business you want to be in. Options are numerous, whether it is going to be a dispensary, growing of marijuana, or delivering. At the same time, it is always possible to do it all. You cannot fully progress in the marijuana business until you’ve decided on this aspect.The cannabis industry is flourishing.

NFL will fund $1 million in research grants on pain management and cannabinoids

The National Football League’s pain management committee and the NFL Players Association announced Tuesday that they will provide $1 million to fund up to five research grants on pain management and cannabinoids.The grants are expected to be awarded in November.Interest in the use of cannabinoids, including medical marijuana, outpaces available evidence, according to Dr. Kevin Hill, co-chair of the NFL’s pain management committee and director of addiction psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital in Boston.

Cannabis industry trends that could fuel investment over the next 6 to 12 months

This year is shaping up to be a pivotal one for the cannabis industry.Cannabis stocks have been climbing since the group began to show signs of profitability late last summer, with the onset of a blue wave igniting optimism around the possibility of nationwide legalization.A statement issued this week by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and two other Democratic senators furthered the possibility of a subsequent green wave, with the lawmakers proposing a path to federal legalization.

Flower Power: 25 Pot-repreneurs Who Are Invested in Cannabis and CBD Businesses

Every week it seems another celebrity announces the launch of a new cannabis brand. What started with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson in 2015 has gone mainstream; Magic Johnson and Jane Fonda are CBD brand ambassadors now. With the continuing passage of legalization in states across the nation, more such brands will hit the market.

How To Introduce CBD Into Your Daily Routine

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. April 29, 2021: In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it can get challenging to juggle all responsibilities while also mastering self-care and wellness. If you’re looking into the latest trends in the health industry, you surely have come across the term ‘cannabidiol’ or ‘CBD.’ As some U.S. states have followed suit in legalizing cannabis both for medical and recreational purposes, the market has since seen a significant influx of CBD products that are easily available to consumers. 

Uruguay: The world’s marijuana pioneer

Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalise recreational cannabis. Five years after its pioneering law was passed, how’s the industry getting on? “We sold a lot of cannabis on the first day,” says Esteban Riviera, who owns a large, modern-looking pharmacy in Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital.”We sold 1,250 packages in six hours. There was a two-block queue to get marijuana.”

Manufacturers Claim Its Growth in 5-Year Perspective

After Uruguay fully legalized cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes in 2013, the area became a real gem for producers. One of the first and most effective cannabis companies was WeGrower Alliance, a young but ambitious player in the global cannabis market.Since its creation in 2019, when the area of cannabis growing under the banner of WeGrower was 2,900 sq.m, WeGrower provided business scaling now – 12,900 sq.m.

Cannabis growing industry players at a scope

After Uruguay fully legalized cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes in 2013, the area became a real gem for producers. One of the first and most effective cannabis companies was WeGrower Alliance, a young but ambitious player in the global cannabis market.Since its creation in 2019, when the area of cannabis growing under the banner of WeGrower was 2,900 sq.m, WeGrower provided business scaling now – 12,900 sq.m.

The global cannabis market will grow rapidly over the next 5 years.

The year 2021 was another turning point in the cannabis industry. While in 2014 only individual states in America and Canada in the Western Hemisphere boasted tolerance of recreational and medical cannabis use, and in Europe only the Netherlands and Israel in the Middle East were cannabis-friendly countries, today…

CBD Manufacturers in Central and South America

Cannabidiol aka CBD blew up the global market several years ago. Previously, cannabis products were considered illegal because consumers’ attention was focused on its psychoactive side, which is provided by the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol. But recent research has shown that another cannabinoid, CBD, deserves much closer attention for its therapeutic properties.

World Cannabis Market Investments at a Glance

Investing is a demanding task because your own money is at stake. At the same time, today it is investments that are the most effective way to increase your prosperity. Until 30 years ago, investments were mainly associated with securities, the oil and gas sector, or, in extreme cases, with real estate. But the world is changing, and today the most profitable are innovative investment projects. Such as the booming cannabis industry.

CBD as a ‘New Black’ for Investments. Cannabis as a ‘New Petroleum’ for Eco-Future

There are lots of options on how to invest money in today’s world. Hi-tech, crypto, real estate, name it. Well, among these options there is a highly popular one you may not hear about. That is cannabis. It is not a drug deal, be sure, as cannabis is a plant that today is considered to be a real ‘New Black’ in investment. Why is it so in-demand?


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