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Doing business with WEGROWER ALLIANCE means being part of an international company that is growing in scope and popularity.

Investing in the cannabis market is a unique new opportunity and one of the fastest growing areas in the world!

WEGROWER ALLIANCE offers this opportunity to absolutely everyone, regardless of location!



WeGrower Alliance is a full-service cannabis-based product manufacturing and marketing company, namely:

-Cannabis production

-Breeding of new varieties

-processing and processing of cannabis into CBD

-Production and realization of CBD products

-development of new, unique products based on CBD

-Building a worldwide distribution network



The company deals with the sale of its products

All legal and legal documents are handled by the company

Seed purchasing, acreage, planting, growing and harvesting are handled by the company

Our company deals with processing and production of cannabis products



WG tokens are issued only to the first investors in an initial public offering

With the purchase of any investment package, 20% of the invested amount will be credited with a bonus in WG tokens.

All WG holders will be paid a dividend when the company’s main goals are met.


One of the solutions that allowed WeGrower to grow so quickly was our unique offer for our partners.


  • Commission for withdrawal – 1,5%

  • Withdrawal of referral income 24/7


Silver: 1,5% From 50,000$

Gold: 2% From 100 000$

Platinum: 3 % From 500 000$

VIP: 3,5% From 1 000 000$

* more information in the marketing plan

Now, every investor who invites a new partner to our campaign using a referral link will have an additional income of 8% of the invited investor’s income. And that’s not all.

Extra income up to 6% will also be charged from all new partners that your referral has invited.

Thanks to our developed system, you can build your own business based on our campaign, which you can pass on to your children.


Rafael Alencar

Aurora Cannabis Inc. Senior Manager, Market Development Analytics – Commercial Strategy

Lynette Desjardine

Aphria Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Andrew MacCorquodale

Canopy Growth Corporation

Interim COO & VP Operations Transformation



CBD products come in a wide

variety of shapes.

CBD oil, concentrates,

isolates, smoking wax and

food additives are considered

classic CBD products.



Medical use


Memory Improvement


Improved performance


Pain relief and rehabilitation



You have a goal and you are striving for it

Wegrower Alliance helps motivated people achieve their goals and increase their profits

You’re ready to grow

WeGrower opens horizons.

New surroundings, new knowledge, new opportunities

You are not afraid to act

Don’t wait, take action yourself. Wegrower Alliance is a reliable partner with whom you can reach your goals



Who is the WeGrower Alliance?

In 2020, we had an idea. We saw the adoption and legalization of cannabis starting to spread around the world, and realized that global growth of the cannabis market was inevitable for many, many decades to come. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to join the industry without having to go through all the rules, regulations and financial risks.

WeGrower Alliance is a community of like-minded people united by one goal. To make the cannabis industry accessible and give the opportunity to make money to those who need it. All of this is possible because by law in Uruguay every citizen can grow and sell up to 480 grams of finished product a year. By bringing such people together, we form a common volume. Today it’s a club of 1,000 farmers, with a total turnover of $9 million for 2020. Our goal is to increase the number of farmers and therefore attract another 2,000 people to the alliance by 2022. Everyone who has invested in us allows us to provide work for a new farmer. So together with us you not only make money, but you also provide people with jobs, allowing them to feed their families.

Why do we need it?

Our task is to attract the maximum number of ordinary people to the development of the cannabis market, so that ordinary people can be provided with jobs. After all, whoever produces controls the market. If this is not done, then the global conglomerates will absorb the cannabis market in the same way as they absorbed the oil and pharmaceutical markets, after which they will begin to dictate their terms. They will be able to control the growth of the market and the price of the product. As a result, it will lead to artificial shortages and higher prices for the goods. As a result, only rich people will be able to afford cannabis products for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, and degenerative diseases, or those who, for the sake of the health of their loved ones, will be forced to give up the latter. Those who have nothing to give will be forced to suffer, for the sake of the profit of those who already own everything.

Our task is to prevent this from happening. We want the cannabis market to develop according to the laws of supply and demand, and the price of goods was regulated fairly and everyone in need could afford the medecine.

Otherwise, within 5-6 years, it will become unrealistic to enter the cannabis business without impressive capital.

Why do the rich get richer? 

You have clearly heard the phrase in your life that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer every year. Have you ever wondered why this is happening?

In fact, there is no terrible secret here. This is due to the very essence of the capitalist economy and the laws of the market itself.

A rich person, like a poor person, has some kind of monthly, quarterly, annual income. The secret of his wealth is not how much he earns, but what he spends his earned money on. And he spends them, if in a simple way, on something that grows in price. And we are talking not only about the purchase of luxury real estate, art and other things, thus rich people only protect their personal capital from the inflation process. We are talking here about investing living capital in growing markets. And the more the market grows and the more part of the market a person owns, the more he gets richer every day.

Why don’t the poor get richer but get poorer?

It’s simple. Most of the money earned is spent on necessary expenses like housing, food, etc. – this is understandable. But what about the money that he has left? Either they are stored under the mattress, or spent on all sorts of excesses (everything that does not bring a return profit). As a result, a person lives from paycheck to paycheck. Or his capital under the mattress is eaten up by the inflation process. And in any case, a person does not become richer, and since the cost of living rises all the time, a person becomes poorer.

How do you get richer?

The answer is very simple. Don’t lose your profits, but invest in growing markets. Many people now thought, “To make a thousand, I need to invest a few tens of thousands, but I don’t have that kind of money,” and that’s exactly what happens in conventional investment funds. That’s why we decided to create our own company where ordinary people can invest money and get 120% to 246% returns in 11 months.

When will I start making a profit?

In today’s world, there is more demand for CBD products than there is supply. That’s why CBD producers enter into forward contracts with the Wegrower Alliance and advance future harvests. This makes it possible to pay investors a profit from the first stage, from planting to the sale of products

What is our difference from investment funds?

We are not looking for investors, we are looking for partners. The success of our company is not based on obtaining investment from two or three people who invested millions in our project, which will later come under our control, but just the opposite. We attract the support of the population, which will invest in us a micro-investment of $ 100 and receive 40% of the profits of the full cycle of the project.

What is our business model?

The full cycle of cannabis growing and CBD production lasts 11 months and includes 2 phases:

Stage 1 – Growth (5months)

1) Buying quality seeds

2) Planting the plant

3) Taking care of the plants

4) Harvesting and processing

5) Preparing raw materials for processing and packaging the finished product for sale.

6) Sending raw materials for processing.

Second stage – Processing (6 months)

1) Processing of raw materials into extracts (cannabis derivatives)

2) Production

3) Packaging and logistics

4) Selling

Investor gets profit at all stages

What’s our marketing plan?

The company has 2 levels of investment packages

The basic level includes investments from 100 to $5000. The main difference, apart from the invested amount, is the distribution of profits received between the investor and the Alliance.

For example, at the investment of $1000, the profit is divided into 60 & 40% between the Partner and the company. For 11 months, the investor’s profit will be 154% of the invested amount plus the first investors are awarded a token bonus and in the case of the Farmer package is +30% of the investment in Wegrower tokens.

For larger Investors, the PRO level is developed. There are 3 packages: $10, $50 and $100.000. The largest percentage of profit is provided in the partner package, where the Investor takes 77.5% of profit.

How to start?

Getting started is easy! Just click the “Learn More” button below to speak with a specialist about investment and partnership options with us. They will answer all your questions and tell you everything you need and everything you want to learn about our business. The uniqueness of Our Project is that we enable people to become part of a multibillion-dollar fastgrowing industry … WITHOUT any work or risk. We take care of the equipment, cultivation, construction and sale, and you get an equal share of the profit with our company.

How long does it take for a plant to ripen?

Depending on the variety of cannabis, the growing season of the cannabis plant is 3-4 months. New cuttings begin shortly after harvest.

Are the actions of Our Company legal?

Yes. Everything that “WeGrower Alliance” does is legal. Not only do we own all the necessary licenses to grow hemp in Uruguay, but we also work with one of the largest law firms, Price Waterhouse Cooper, to make sure everything is done legally and correctly.

Cannabis is not legal in my country. Can I participate? 

Yes. The production of “WeGrower Alliance” is located in “Uruguay”, where the cultivation of medical and recreational cannabis is completely legal.

Why cannabis? 

Cannabis is increasingly being legalized by legislators in many governments around the world. Some countries, such as Canada and Uruguay, have already fully legalized, while there are eleven states in the United States of America, including California and Colorado, where it is also completely legal. Partial legalization of medical cannabis has been successfully implemented in 21 countries of the world and in 24 USA states. Every year, analysts predict how much the cannabis market will reach in the coming years, and all time it exceeds expectations. The most promising market is in the United States: according to analysts, it will cost $ 100 billion by 2030. By 2025, according to Global Market Insights, the market for medical marijuana alone may already be valued at $ 59 billion. And this is even without taking into account a huge number of other countries and an equally booming market for CBD cannabis-derived products.

Is cannabis really safe for human consumption?

Cannabis is a medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years. Cannabis-related deaths have never been reported. However, how cannabis works for everyone depends on many factors, as well as your individual medical history. CBD is already in high demand and is widely used in many household and cosmetic products as well as personal care, beauty and wellness products. Finally, extensive scientific research shows that hemp contains many nutrients and has health benefits.

I have not yet turned 18 years old. Can I invest in your project?

According to the law of Ukraine and most of the developed countries of the world, persons over 14 years old are solvent and can invest. But the policy of our company is such that we cooperate exclusively with adult citizens who are fully aware of their own actions, therefore, cooperation is carried out exclusively with persons who have reached the age of 18.

How do we see the future of our project?

Our strategic goals are to expand the alliance to 15,000 growers within 2 years, build 2 cannabis processing plants and CBD products, and obtain an FDA license to sell our products in the US.

What are our goals for the near future? 

1) Win the next competition from the Government of Uruguay for the commercial cultivation of recreational marijuana. Having received benefits for our farmers. This will significantly increase the profitability of our company and accelerate its growth. That will ensure the preservation of the benefits received in the future.

2) Expand the company, until the shortage of cannabis in the domestic market of Uruguay is completely closed and continue to expand into global markets such as Europe, USA, Israel, Holland and other countries that will legalize and open their markets in the future.

3) Prevention of the seizure of the cannabis market by global conglomerates in order to avoid a situation similar to the pharmaceutical market. When the price is not formed by supply and demand, but is dictated by pharmacological conglomerates. So that everyone who needs the medicine can get it at the true market price

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